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A clear trifle bowl with layers of lady fingers, raspberries and lemon cream




After all the search for Irish appetizer and writing about it and making the picture and posting, I did not use recipe. I decided to make “Mini Potato Bites” from the KRAFT FOODS website. The recipe: 15 small red potatoes4 ounces cream cheese, room temperature4 tbsp sour cream4 tbsp parmesan cheese, grated2 tbsp chopped chives4 strips bacon, cooked and crumbled Boil potatoes until done, but not mushy. Cool slightly. Cut in half. Cut a little from the bottom of each…

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I never thought I was Irish, but in the last year or so, I learned that my ancestor with the Scottish name immigrated here from County Antrim in Northern Ireland. I guess that counts as Irish. In fact, my plans for the next big trip will be to Scotland and Ireland, That’s another story.klIn the meantime I’ve been invited to a St. Patrick’s Day Party and I need to take an appetizer. I will find our trusty “500 appetizers” cookbook…

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Spring Break Thoughts

What is this Spring Break thing? I am about to find out. Some family and some friends are headed to Wimberley, Texas.  We’ll stay at a place with a full kitchen, and though we plan to critique some of the eateries, we will cook some, too. Now that’s a surprise, isn’t it? (We cook with wine, you know, and ……you know the rest of the quote. One of our go-to dishes is CHICKEN PICCATA. We discovered the recipe when Karyn…

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According to the January, 2013, issue of Bon Appetit, pp.19-20, the margarita is not Mexico’s most beloved cocktail. Did you know that? The Paloma, which features grapefruit juice, is the Mexican drink of choice. Now, I’m no expert on this subject, but I wanted to give it a try. When my friend took twenty grapefruit sectioned to a church retreat, she gave me the left-over juice. “Waste not; want not.” A good reason to “indulge.” The BA writer gives his…

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Wackym's Cornmeal Rosemary Shortbread

Tea & Cookies – A Simple Dessert Solution with Not-So-Simple Flavors

Last Friday, two of our favorite vendors graced Gourmet Gallery with a Tea and Cookie Pairing. We had a full house, and we tasted some wonderful treats. Since then, I have tasked our Gourmet Gallery crew to come up with some fun, simple recipes that are nice enough to serve to guests. Below are two recipes. One from our friend Paul Wackym at Wackym’s Kitchen, and the other from our own kitchen. We have paired both of these with some…

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“Now We Are Four”

On August 15, 2008, a dream came true. After months, yea, even years, of planning, Gourmet Gallery Waco, opened for business. At the time no one realized that August 15 was the anniversary of Julia Child’s birthday. Frankly, we had worked so hard that I hardly remembered MY birthday. Nor did we know that 2008 would begin the economic downturn that we have all experiened these years. However, the dream has lasted. A recap of what has happened in those…

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Thousand Islands’ Thousand Island

My husband was predictable when it came to food choices. He chose green beans and corn when available; any dessert was just fine as long as there was plenty of it; the coffee should be served hot, preferrably in a heated cup; the dressing for a green salad–a “little dab of ‘Thousand Island’.” I must confess that since I never eat that particular dressing (my choice is vinaigrette or a rich, creamy bleu cheese) I hadn’t given its origin any…

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Fredericksburg with Fourteen Fun Friends

We place the reporting of the Spain Adventure on hold to write about “Fredericksburg with Fourteen Fun Friends.” Early on the Thursday before Easter fourteen friends of Gourmet Gallery loaded onto a luxury coach from Brazos Valley Travel that took us on a four day adventure. You know us! Emphases–food and wine. We have some recommendations to pass on to our friends who did not get to go with us. And let me tell you that you missed a great…

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Well, I Did It. Reduced My To-Do List By One

OMG= Oh, My Goodness. I visited Spain and Por-tu-gal.(Learned that the name has not “chu” in it.) What a week. Where shall I start? Flight– relatively uneventful and long. Tour company Insight Adventures–topnotch. Tour director– punctual, competent, knowledgeable, helpful, and charming as well as handsome.  Many beautiful sights. Have pictures to prove it. I just hope that I can sort through and remember where I was when the picture was taken. One of our fellow-travelers took copious notes, and now…

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A To-Do List

The term bucket list, came into it’s own when the movie, The Bucket List starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nickleson, came out. You probably know the story: two terminally ill men decided to do the things they wanted to do before they “kicked the bucket.”  Unlike a “bucket list” I have a list to do while I can still enjoy doing them. The main object of my list is to go as many different places in the world, see as…

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