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A clear trifle bowl with layers of lady fingers, raspberries and lemon cream



A Cemetery Picnic

THE MAPLE GROVE CEMETERY PICNIC (from Picnics I Remember by Jo Ann Miller) On the fourth Saturday in June, which was always seemed to be the hottest day of the year, we went to the Maple Grove Picnic. All of my Orr relatives were there, too—dead and alive. What I have attended and endured all of my life is the outgrowth of an old tradition to honor ancestors. In the old days in the country in East Texas graveyards were…

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Looking at the Wild Northwest

This Spring  (June 18-25) Gourmet Gallery is sponsoring a Wine, Food and Sightseeing Tour to Washington and Oregon. Not since Lewis and Clark who travelled there as representatives of the United States government has there been so much excitement about going there.  Our transportation to the area will be faster. Consequently, we’ll  be able to cover much more territory. Landing in Seattle, Washington on June 18, we will have an orientation tour of the city including the waterfront, the downtown…

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Why Taste Wine at a Wine-Tasting?

“Drink and be merry, for our time on earth is short, and death is forever.” A Toast.  Gourmet Gallery is planning a week’s tour of Washington and Oregon in June, and there are seven wineries on the planned itinerary. What can we learn in that beautiful setting? When tasting, does one learn the language of wine? Will I be able to identify different flavors–is it peppery, fruity, buttery, full-bodied? If food and wine enhance each other, how is food paired…

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Bed and Breakfasts That I Have Met

       In my limited travels I have met some good Bed and Breakfast Inns. On a short vacation to the coast of Maine my husband and I stayed in a lovely home, not luxurious, but lovely, near the town of York.We ate the obligatory lobster and waded in the cold Atlantic while the temperature in Texas was 100+, toured the town’s old jail, put our heads and hands in the stocks that were meant to humiliate the law-breaker.…

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Recipe for a Wonderful, Unexpected Vacation

by Jo Ann Miller (The Grandmother) The following is a new recipe that I found over the weekend: Gather a bunch of family (Your own mixture will work))Mix together one State Mock Trial Competition for one day. (Almost any activity to bring you together)The following cannot be changed:Add at least 2 members not willing to go home after one day.Mix in a spirit of adventure.Stir up enthusiasm for finding an unbeaten path.Results: A wonderful weekend. All of this started with two…

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And Even More Pancakes

Since writing the first “:Pancakes” blog, several pancake variations have come to our attention fLAVORS OF MOROCCO has a recipe for “Semolina Pancakes–beghir.” These are served with honey and butter. From TAPAS to MEZE showcases two pancake recipes that are not the usual sweet treats. ‘Shrimp and Green Onion Pancakes” are featured at Bodego La Alboriza in Seville. These pancakes, made with chickpea flour, are served with golden, deep-fried sardines. The other recipe from this source is “Chickpea, Olive Oil and Cumin Pancakes.”…

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How About Pancakes?

by Jo Ann Miller (Karyn’s mom) Well, how about them? You’ve probably eaten some version of them most all of your life, and  have not given  a second thought to the fact that this quick bread has been around on this earth about as long as any food made with grain. Crushed grain mixed with a liquid and baked on a hot stone was probably the first pancake (or stonecake.) In the United States we call them flapjacks, pancakes, griddlecakes…

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If You REALLY Love Your Valentine, Cook at Home

I really love my Valentine. I love my Valentine so much that I want to stay home and have a wonderful, satisfying, delicious, meal. Of course, my Valentine is my 8-year-old daughter. She is, without question, the love of my life. And, at least for now, she loves me almost as much as I love her. She thinks I am beautiful. She is loyal. She is kind. She is worth everything I can give her on Valentine’s Day. So, I…

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Thanksgiving with the Millers

  I love Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite holidays. It almost always means our whole family spends weeks working on a menu that will satisfy all of us. My nephews get frustrated and ask why we can’t just have “normal” food on Thanksgiving, and why it has to be so elaborate. Part of the reason is that we are not “normal.” Part of the reason is that we love experimenting. And part of the reason is that the…

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