About Us

Image of Rachel, Jo Ann and Karyn posing with a brick background
Rachel Solano, Jo Ann Miller, Karyn Brooks


Founded on the vision of a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle with a passion for all things culinary, Gourmet Gallery is Waco’s only locally-owned cooking school. We want to nourish your passion for food, to feed your love for cooking, and to create fulfilling culinary experiences.

You don’t have to be a chef to love our cooking classes. You only need the desire to cook. Anyone can do it. Cooking can strengthen relationships, develop a healthy body and mind, and satisfy the soul. We want to share this cooking experience with you.

Our cooking school conducts a variety of cooking classes – both demonstration and hands-on in a fully-equipped kitchen. Our classes are offered during the week and on weekends to accommodate many schedules.

Cooking brings people together. Let us help! It’s our HAPPY PLACE!